Internship Opportunities

Sr. No. Name of the Startup Various Job Profiles that will be offered to interns? How many Interns do you require? Stipend
1 EMPROTEK Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Embbeded Developer / Android Developer / Web Developer 3 -
2 Yoryo Technologies Software Engineers 1 -
3 SEMC SERVICES PVT. LTD. Php developer 4
4 Sahil Jain Operations, research and business development 2 6000 p.m.for 20 hrs per week
5 MindNerves Technology Services Pvt. Ltd a. Information technology Skills (Java, C++, .NET, Node.JS, Mobile, Database skills) b. Machine Vibration Analysis exposure c. Node JS 2 to 4 2000- 6000
6 Insterviews Social media marketing, sales B2C and B2B, WebRTC Developer, Web application Developer 5 7500 - 10000
7 ValueQuo Solutions Pvt Ltd Software Developer 4 Based on performance
8 Clueless Monk Technologies Pvt Ltd Developer, Q&A, Sales & Marketing Intern 2 to 3 5000
9 DEEDEED LABS PVT LTD Machine Learning Engineer, Software developer 4 Depends upon the candidate
10 CLIMBER ENVIRO SOLUTIONS LLP Depends on Qualification of the Candidates 4 to 5 8000
11 Weekendings Business Development, Photo Editing, Operations, Product, Marketing 2 to 3 Depends on Skills of candidates
12 Mitti Ke Rang Social media, Research, survey, fundraiser, Graphic Designer, Video grapher, content writer, data Manager 10 3000/- per month
13 Marketing and IT Software development. 5 to 10 No stipend
14 Twentin Technosoft Private Limited developers, Data Analysts, UI/UX Designers, Content writers, digital marketers 3 to 4 No limit for right candidate.
15 Blue Lotus The Media Hub Graphic designer, Video editor, Asst Director etc... 3 NA
16 Puelon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Developers for: Python, C++, C#, Java, AI & ML 2 NA
17 YOLO Health ERP Developer, FRP / Metallic Chassis Design and Analysis Intern, Distributed Power System Intern 4 Depends on the candidature and competence of the candidates
18 iVROOM POWER PVT.LTD Embedded engineers,Mechanical,Electrical Engineers. 3 to 4 upto 25k
19 BlueBricks Technologies Pvt Ltd Engineering, Technology, Marketing 10 NA
20 EAZI Art (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. Social media management. Graphic designers 2-3 part time only. 15000
22 Intuhire Infrastructure Management Intern, Front End Javascript Developer, UI/UX Designer 2 AS PER THE COMPANY REQUIRE
23 Aloite Technologies Private Limited R&D in the field of IoT and Biotech. 3 10-20000 Rs/Month
24 IfDE - Institute for Design Led Entrepreneurship 1. Business Development Executive - Generate leads and lead nurturing, interact and build connections for ecosystem growth. Coordinating activities to scale the company efficiently. 2. Digital Marketing Executive - To handle SEO, Email Marketing, Web presence, Social Media channels, should understand analyzing data and creating effective strategies to promote the company. 3. Video Graphics Executive - Agile in developing online video content. 4. Sales Executive - Connect to leads and convert them efficiently, find strategies to bring ecosystem partners and participants to join the courses. 4 Interns 2500
25 Sizen Software Development & QA, UX / UI Designing & Development, Finance Management, Market Research, Graphics-Media & Advertising, Sales & Marketing and HR 10 20,000 Rs - 25,000 Rs
26 Bizlers Technologies Artificial Intelligence, Java Development 2 10000
27 LEOROC TECHNOLGY PVT LTD marketing 2 to 3 5k
28 Insane Travelers Sales, Tech 2 3000-5000
29 Truso Business development and Digital marketing 2 to 4 5000 - 10000
30 Pi R Square Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd Android/iOS App Developer, Web App Developer, IoT Developer, Augmented Reality Developer, Graphics Designer, Sales/Marketing, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developer 10 5000-8000
31 Cleanchem Laboratories LLP R&D Business Development 4 5k to 10k
32 Quagga Tech Private Limited Web developer, ML & AI, Full Stack Development 4 Rs. 5000/-
33 Sproutlogix Pvt. Ltd. Technical, QA, marketing 3 to 4 Around 7-10K per month.
34 Pixy Electric Cars Pvt. Ltd., Pune Flexible 3 5,000-15,000 p.m
35 Kicktrans Technologies Pvt.Ltd. 1)Business Operations Associate 2)Data Analyst 3)Social Media Analyst 4)Web Developer 5)Graphic Designer 6)Marketing Executive 6 to 10 Depends upon background
36 Almameal Content and Design, Digital and Social media Marketing, Operations and Sales, Deep Learning Developers 4 to 5 Depend on performance. Work from home also available.
37 shareAmeals Sales , marketing & App development , business analytics 4 Will disclose to interns
38 Passionit IT, Management 8 Rs 5000/ month
39 EMSeva Service Engineer, Service Advisor, Marketing 10 Depends on competencies
40 Happy Monk Interns will be provided an opportunity to work on AI projects and Java technology 1 Rs.10,000/- plus Conveyance
41 Digital Marketing & Ideation for the events 2 Depends on candidate
42 FormGod Business Development, Projects 2 to 4 2500
43 MediAsha Technologies Product development, Mechanical testing, Digital Marketing 2 Depends on Candidate
44 ( Offinex Enterprises LLP) Web Developer, Graphic designer, Digital Marketer 5 NA
45 Navnirmiti Composites and Engg Solutions LLP Concepts (Industrial Design), Finite Element Analysis 7k
46 ThinkCerti Digital Marketing Intern, Data Science Intern, Business Development intern 3 to 5
47 My Travelogue Assistant tour manager, trainee in operations department. It is dependent on the Intern evaluation and targets finalised
48 INFO4KIDS Sales and Marketing , Business Development , Developers 2 to 5 Rs. 5000/-
49 Care Daddy Mobile App Development 2 to be discussed directly
50 Prehab Wellness and Sports Pvt Ltd Physiotherapist, Digital Marketing, Admin 5 5000
51 shareAmeals app development, sales & marketing 2 to 3 Stipend will be decided on experience
52 SEO, Social Media/Digital/Field Marketing for college and classes tie-ups for students discounts, advt in our website, Career Counsellors, Admissions Counsellors in India & Abroad, PHP/AI/API/Web Design/ HR/Bloggers/Android/Hybrid App developers. HR/Bloggers/Communication experts/ Video content/anchors/seminar handlers/edcuation & jobs related content researchers from other educational websites, newspapers, websites, google, other sources etc 100 in different cities. (in Mumbai/Pune/Bangalore/Hyderbad) Around Rs 5000
53 La Quanta Technology Rs 3000/- to Rs. 5000/- per month plus variable up to Rs. 5000/-
54 MMC Developer ,maintenance, marketing 5
55 IAAA i.e. International Assessment and Accreditation Alliance Marketing, Market Research 25 Depends
56 SOP Hub Pvt. Ltd. We are into full stack project mode. Using Angular and AWS. From architecturing to development to deployment. We need them all. 6 Can be discussed and offered case to case
57 nGShelter IoT engineer, Embedded engineer, Mobile App developer, Web Developer 2 to 3 2500 -10000. Depending on skills
58 Foodiesz Survey analysers 10 Not fixed yet
59 labdox Business Development Associate, Content Associate 2 3 Thousand will be stipend to them of 15 Days.
60 FastSense Diagnostics Mostly research assistant 2
61 Marketing Interns 2 Negotiable
62 DLRD Labs Expert Content Writer - Technical, Open Source Code Contributor, Management Executives 15 5000
63 ASCP GPUONCLOUD PVT LTD UI/UX Developer, Jr. Data Scientist, Content writers 3 Upto INR 20,000
64 FabriKolor 3000
65 Skillovate Learning Private Limited Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Content Developers, Electronics, Computer Science 5
66 PROJECT RAJSANGINI All specific Job regarding with Research and It's Development. The specific number upto which i can get sustainable knowledge and way. ( minimum.2) 5000-10000 per month
67 BE FIT AND RICH MARKETING 2 15000-18000
69 SEO and/or Video 1 ABOVE RS. 5000/-
70 Collective Limitless Ambitious Smart Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd AI, ML, Backend development 4 to 5 5000
71 FlyCup 5000 to 15000 depending on performance