What is Pune Startup Fest?

Pune Startup Fest is an annual startup festival organised by BHAU's I&E-Cell, COEP Technological University. It is a unique startup expo, which provides an excellent platform for numerous students and startups to connect with this ever growing entrepreneurial world.
A variety of events are organised during the fest. Keynote lectures and many speeches by prominent personalities are arranged to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.
Startups and students are given huge opportunities to develop by giving them access to entrepreneurial resources and networks throughout the community.

Theme :

A Concerto of Innovators

Entrepreneurs strive for innovation; they strive for change. These aspects require the combined effort of many brilliant and motivated people, where collaboration and creativity are essential for success.
Our theme, “A Concerto Of Innovators”, is a metaphor that describes the allied participation and creative efforts that are often required to bring about innovation and success in the startup and business world.
Much like a concerto, we emphasize the value of varied viewpoints and experiences in the startup and entrepreneurial environment. In this concept, each instrument or group of instruments brings about diverse perspectives and contributes to the overall composition.
From the founders and CXOs to the entry-level employees, this Concerto is about the allied efforts that all these stakeholders put in to make products/services that change lives.
Pune Startup Fest provides these entrepreneurs with a platform to achieve their objectives, where all the stakeholders contribute their unique skills, experiences, talents and expertise.

Past Speakers

Baba Kalyani

Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Forge | Founder and Chairman of Kalyani Group

Pratap Pawar

Chairman, Sakal Media Group | Former President, MCCIA

Harsh Mariwala

Founder & Chairman, Marico ltd | Chairman & MD, Kaya ltd.

Ashok Ramachandran

CEO & President | Schindler India

Aman Dhattarwal

Founder, Apni Kaksha

Abhi & Niyu

Content Creators, Following Love

Amit Kalyani

Deputy MD, Bharat Forge

Abhijit Pawar

MD, Sakal Media Group

Rachana Ranade

Rachana Ranade and Associates | Youtube influencer

Bhushan Patil

Ex-Paytm President | Former Director of Alibaba

Paula McGlynn

CEO & Co-Founder,Gulbadan Talkies and BhaDiPa

Srinivas Chunduru

Founder of Vans Group | Former Member of Board at Ola